Breath of Life Set

KIT All Skin Types

A luxurious set that restores and rejuvenates. It increases elasticity, tightens skin, reduces wrinkles and dark spots leaving skin with lasting radiance and smoothness.

This set contains Oxygen Scrub 50 ML, Oxygen Mask 50 ML, Oxygen Gel 50 ML, Oxygen Cream SPF 30 50ML and the  Decaar Face Massager.



The Breath of Life ( Repair & Rejuvenate ) set, delivers oxygen directly into the skin increasing cell metabolism, that helps skin to shed dead cells faster and replace them with newer, healthier ones. When your skin lacks oxygen due to clogged pores and environmental debris, it results in dullness, breakouts, and even premature aging. packed with perfluorodecalin this liquid -breathing material takes on a similar role to red blood cells by enhancing the delivery of oxygen to cells. When applied topically, they deeply penetrate the skin barrier to deliver oxygen to cells, fortifying cell membranes and significantly healthier skin.


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