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Environmental effects on skin

13 August 2019
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While we’re often preoccupied with treating our skin ‘type’, we can overlook the obvious need for treating our skin in accordance with our environment. Studies are showing that environmental triggers can sensitize our skin, and this is different from genetic sensitivity or being born with sensitive skin. What do we mean by our environment? Think pollution, humidity, and sudden temperature changes in climates – like going from the cold, dry winds outdoors to dry heat indoors.

Air Pollution

Air pollution contains microscopic contaminants, called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which help produce Reactive Oxygen Species, or “free radicals.” It refers to the gases released into the air by human activities, such as auto exhaust, manufacturing processes, cigarette smoke, and many others. These strip the skin of barrier lipids, thus increase skin sensitivity, discomfort and even premature signs of skin aging. Furthermore, small airborne pollutants get stuck in pores, causing acne-like breakouts and triggering damage in the deeper layers of skin, right where wrinkles and most discolorations form.

Although air pollution is obviously worse in big cities, living in rural areas doesn’t mean you’re free from risk. All forms of pollution move through the atmosphere, water, and can settle in soil on the ground.


A little humidity can be a good thing for keeping your skin soft and hydrated. However, when the skin is exposed to low humidity, this moisture evaporates quickly, leading to dryness, irritation, and peeling.  High humidity levels, on the other hand, can lead to excess sweat and oil production therefore clogging your pores with toxins. Additionally, high humidity promotes the growth of bacteria and mold resulting in skin irritation, redness and even breakouts. 


Colder weather, central heating in your home as well as hot weather and air conditioning can all deprive skin of its moisture, leaving it feeling irritated and sensitive. Bitter cold winds can strip moisture from skin left exposed as well, so the winter months you might find your skin to be rough, red, tight or cracked.

The heat can also lead to skin sensitivities like a heat rash, as the moisture gets trapped under the skin and can lead to a rash made up of blisters or bumps.

Always take into consideration sun exposure and the effects of damaging UV rays on the skin. Using adequate sun protection is an all year-round consideration.












DÉCAAR Age Reverse, Oily & Combination and Delicate lines offer the ultimate treatments for such skin conditions as mentioned above, using highly active ingredients and effective formulas. You can find more information on our blog:

DÉCAAR Eye Rejuvenation

30 July 2019
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The eyes are surrounded by the most delicate skin on the entire face. Because the skin around our eyes is 10 times thinner than the rest of our faces, it is much more photosensitive and environmentally sensitive. It is more susceptible to overall issues in the body and since there are fewer oil glands directly beneath the eyes, fine lines and wrinkles are shown before elsewhere. Therefore, it requires special and delicate treatment.


Cleansing the eye area as well as removing any eye make-up, is vital before heading to bed. Make-up and pollutants can aggravate the skin and cause puffiness and premature signs of ageing. We recommend DÉCAAR Make-up remover Micellar lotion, an all-in-one smart cleansing product, suitable for all skin areas. It easily removes eye makeup and since it does not contain any soap substances or alcohol, it tones and moisturizes the skin without any irritation.

Eye Creams

One common misconception is that your everyday moisturizer could replace an eye cream. But this couldn’t be further from the truth – it’s essential to use a cream with targeted active ingredients to address specific concerns i.e. puffiness, wrinkles, pigmentation. Eye creams tend to have a lighter texture in order to let the skin breathe, as heavier products will increase fluid retention, fatty deposits, irritation and eye puffiness.

After having cleansed your skin, you should never forget to apply an eye cream, suitable for your specific skin concerns. DÉCAAR cosmetics provide the following two powerful solutions:

Energizing Eye cream

A soft eye cream suitable for all skin types, designed to treat dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. Its active ingredients, Horse Chestnut and Arnica Montana, provide relieving, anti-irritant and soothing properties on the skin, leaving it radiant and restored. The ability to improve the microcirculation provides an effective solution against bags and other signs of aging and fatigue around the eye area.

Lift Firming Eye cream

This rich and innovative eye cream actively counteracts fine lines, smoothes wrinkles and improves skin tone, giving the skin around the eye area a rested and youthful look. With its active ingredients Argan and Chamomila, fine lines and puffiness are reduced, and the skin is nourished and calm.

It is recommended to store the eye creams in a cool place in order to improve its effectiveness. Applying an eye cream should always be the last step of your skincare routine. Apply both in the morning and evening by gently patting the eye contour using the ring finger.

How to embrace delicate skin

16 July 2019
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Sensitive skin can make the quest for a perfect skincare routine a long and arduous journey. Symptoms range from redness, to excessive dryness or inflammation, often caused by underlying or even undiagnosed skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema or contact dermatitis.

The number of people facing skin sensitivity is growing more and more and this is mainly due to environmental factors like air pollution exposure and frequent changes in temperature but also life style and habits. A recent European study found that up to 52% of participants reported sensitivity of some kind.

DÉCAAR’s calming formulas contain the most effectual treatments for soothing and protecting the skin’s surface. Each product is infused with key vitamins and natural extracts to protect delicate skin from free radical damage and revitalize skin cells for a brighter and more even toned complexion. We recommend the following routine to mild reactions and control skin sensitivity.


Firstly, cleanse your skin with a gentle, soap-free cleanser and tepid water. DÉCAAR Delicate Foam Cleanser is specially formulated to cleanse, refresh and address the needs of sensitive skin. The rich foamy lather leaves the skin feeling refreshed and calm, as it contains Hamamelis Virginiana Leaf Water and Cucumis Sativus Fruit Extract with antioxidant actions. Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice is also one of its active ingredients, responsible to hydrate the skin and treat any wounds.


Secondly, apply DÉCAAR Delicate Soothing Gel, to dry and sensitive areas, especially when you feel your skin irritated, dehydrated or after sun burns. It restores your skin’s natural barrier function, while it soothes and calms irritation. Its active ingredient Panthenol, deeply hydrates and relieves the skin, while Urea regulates skin moisture with its anti-ich and anti-microbial properties. Glycyrrhetinic acid, is responsible for calming the skin, minimizing signs of sensitization and improving the look of an uneven skin tone.


Thirdly, apply DÉCAAR Delicate Serum across your face and neck. Massage it gently paying attention to any dry patches, until it has all been absorbed. Apply day and night or when feeling your skin dry and irritated. The Delicate Serum is highly concentrated, providing an immediate calming effect as it reduces skin redness, itching and inflammation while boosting moisture levels and reinforcing skin’s natural barrier. Its delicate formula includes Allantoin with hydrating, healing and free radical activities as well as Chamomila Recutita Extract, responsible to moderate antioxidant activities, sooth calm irritated skin.


Finally, apply the hydrating daily moisturizer DÉCAAR Delicate Cream SPF15, designed to maintain a healthy, younger-looking skin while providing UV protection. This formula conditions your skins surface with vitamin B, which helps manage the negative results that oxidative stress can have on our skin- such as redness, fine lines, skin roughness- and maintain a fresh, healthy appearance.  The form of vitamin B5 easily penetrates the skin, allowing it to promote recovery and revitalization of skin cells. Its actives include Bisabolol, a superb skin soother for sensitive skin and the miracle remedy, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice.


DÉCAAR’s Gold Infusion

2 July 2019
What's New

Gold has long been recognized for its luxurious and beautifying properties, worldwide, and in various cultures. The benefits of gold in skincare can even be traced back 5,000 years to ancient Egypt. Egyptians believed the healing powers of gold could cure all forms of physical, mental and spiritual ailments. It is believed that Cleopatra wore pure gold for a radiant and youthful complexion. Romans used gold preparations for treatment of injuries and sores and in ancient Chinese medicine, gold was the secret to youthful skin.

Today, gold is used in the treatment and rejuvenation of skin and so is it in DÉCAAR Age Reverse line. We recognize gold’s miracle anti-ageing properties as well as its multiple skin benefits and we make sure to include it in our formulas for your best skincare routine.

Why gold is good for your skin

In its purest state, gold is referred to as 24-karat gold. Since gold is one of the softest metals, the skin easily absorbs it. One of the many benefits of Gold when applying it to the skin, is that it boosts blood flow to the area being treated, and this speeds cellular process and activates regeneration. An increase in blood circulation also helps hydrate and maintain the skin’s moisture level, leads to reduction in acne and other skin ailments.

Gold provides glowing skin, restores elasticity, slows down collagen depletion and the breakdown of elastin to prevent sagging skin. It also stimulates cellular growth to regenerate healthy, firm skin cells and provide a tightening effect. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as recreating broken cellular connections, which translates into fine lines and wrinkles being diminished with its use.

24k Gold is also known to be a good conduit so when joined with рерtidеѕ, hуаlurоniс асid and other anti-aging ingredients, the infusion of gold helps these anti-aging ingredients to penetrate deeper into the layers of the skin, making these ingredients even more effective.

DÉCAAR Elixir Serum

Filled with a new generation of ingredients, the Elixir Serum provides the immediate effect of skin illumination. The elixir serum restores health to wrinkled skin caused by sun damage and improves the skin tone. It effectively reduces, and smooths wrinkles, stimulates collagen production, has firming and lifting properties, and it protects the skin against water loss and harmful external factors. Apply mornings and evenings after cleansing and before your usual skincare routine.

DÉCAAR Neck And Décolleté Lifting Cream

The ultimate composition of active ingredients with powerful regenerating properties. With its unique formula it reduces wrinkles and restores silky smoothness, firmness and hydration to the neck and décolletage. It wonderfully regenerates and restores sun-damaged skin and gives back its elasticity and structure. Apply in the mornings and evenings on cleansed skin of neck and décolleté.


DÉCAAR aspires healthy skin equally: MEN SKINCARE

18 June 2019
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Men need their skin to look and feel healthy just like women. They equally deal with issues like skin sensitivity, acne and ageing, skin however varies according to gender. Male skin has some features that differ from female skin and, with regular shaving, it is often treated differently too.

The hormone testosterone determines the masculine characteristics of male skin and gives it a different structure to female skin. While every man’s skin is unique, in general male skin is thicker, oilier and ages differently. Men have larger and more active pores than women and since sebum production is double that of women, the pH is lower, and the skin is prone to impurities and acne. Signs of ageing appear later in male skin, but changes occur more quickly once they start. However, men are most affected by sagging skin combined with puffy eyes and dark circles. What is more, regular shaving makes male skin more stressed. Their skin becomes more sensitive and reacts faster, since it removes the uppermost layer of skin cells exposing immature skin.

DÉCAAR embraces all the differences and provides formulas equally effective for both genders. We have put together basic guidelines that will help any man incorporate the essential steps for a clean and healthy skin.

Know your skin type

This is the first step to schedule your skincare routine. Take a tissue test and see if you have dry, oily or combination skin. Generally, people with oily skin tend to have oil on their t-zone (forehead, nose, and chin). Check this using a tissue paper and get to know your skin type.


Men should wash their face at least twice a day using a mild cleanser that suits their skin. As the skin tends to get oily throughout the day and block the pores, it is important to follow a regular cleansing routine.


All that dirt and oil accumulated on the face results in blackheads or whiteheads and forms a layer of dead skin. Exfoliation sheds off this layer and brings out a smooth, healthy skin. Scrubbing (exfoliating) should be done 1 – 3 times a week after cleansing, depending on your skin type. Men with oily-type skin should exfoliate more often, while men with sensitive/dry skin should do it less often.


Moisturizing delivers hydration and essential nutrients to skin cells, so they can continue to look full, delivering a youthful, healthy face. It offers a plethora of benefits: it makes the skin firmer, prevents water loss, and has an anti-aging effect.


Nothing will age and damage your skin faster than the sun. If you will be in the sun for longer than 30 minutes, use sunscreen on all exposed parts of your skin. For men, a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 is a great option and should be used daily.


Taking optimal care of two different skin types

4 June 2019
What's New

Within your DNA, skin type is defined from birth and can’t be changed. Managing resulting skin conditions however can be changed, and for that DÉCAAR is here to help.

Unpredictable, oily and combination skin can be a tough skin type to care for, with its oily T-Zone, large open pores, dehydrated cheeks and eyes, and sensitivity to certain products.

Making your days easier and more predictable, we’ve designed the following special products to help aid you to calmer, clearer, more even skin you can rely on.


Gently removing excess oil and purifying pores is of the utmost importance, therefore choosing a cleansing milk such as our Cleansing Milk or the gentle Purifying Cleansing gel, will work deeply into your pores, easing congestion and helping to balance natural oils.


A combination must, once to twice a week use a mask to balance the complexion. We recommend DÉCAAR Calming Mask for 10-15 minutes on the face, neck and décolleté to clear excess oil and congestion and nourish areas of dryness.

DÉCAAR Calming Mask removes dead cells, invigorates the skin and leaves it with a replenished, clean and radiant complexion. It reduces inflammation and improves the blood circulation of the skin. The advanced formula revitalizes the skin from all sorts of damage including sun damage, excoriation, inflammatory dermatosis, including rosacea. This perfectly balanced mask even has calming effects on problematic skin types with eczemas or rashes, so it is suitable for the most sensitive skins.


Although you may not feel you need it, a light moisturizer will help balance natural oils while also hydrating and soothing. DÉCAAR Rebalancing Cream 24hr is great for congested skin types with its Coconut oil, Algelica Gigas and Epigallocatechin Gallate to help protect, moisturize, comfort and clear skin. Its biopolymers convert effectively sebum into invisible micro granules to ensure an anti-shine effect. This special moisturizer works perfectly as a supplement for an acne treatment, performed by your DÉCAAR skincare professional.

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